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Develop your money skills for free with MoneyMinded™

If you're looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or save more regularly, MoneyMinded can help you get there.

MoneyMinded has helped more than 927,500 people manage their money better.

9 in 10 people who completed MoneyMinded online say they were able to better deal with financial problems after the program1.

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"I would recommend MoneyMinded to anyone. Lots of people can benefit - who wouldn't want to learn better money habits?"


“MoneyMinded is a fantastic program. I didn’t see the value of it at the time, because I thought I knew how to budget. In hindsight I didn’t.”


“I felt empowered and excited to have this opportunity to provide for my children…it can be done, because I’ve done it.”


“I feel more in control and I know that I can do anything within reason. I use what I’ve got much more wisely.”


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