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What is MoneyMinded?

MoneyMinded is a flexible adult financial education program that builds knowledge, confidence and skills to help people make informed decisions and manage their money. It is ANZ’s flagship program to improve financial wellbeing in the community, supporting ANZ’s purpose to shape a world where people and communities thrive.

Community service professionals, financial counsellors and volunteers from community organisations can become accredited MoneyMinded Coaches and use MoneyMinded with their clients.

ANZ provides accredited MoneyMinded Coaches with free access to training, professional development, materials and resources to support their delivery of the program.

One of MoneyMinded’s most useful features is its adaptability to suit the context and cultural needs of participants.

MoneyMinded can be delivered as a standalone program or integrated with existing programs and services.

What topics does MoneyMinded cover?

Accredited MoneyMinded Coaches will receive resources such as prompt cards, handouts, lesson plans and animations to support discussion in a number of topics relating to money, such as: 

  • Goals
  • Saving and spending
  • Money planning
  • Everyday banking options
  • Different ways to pay
  • Bills
  • Types of paperwork
  • Credit and credit cards
  • Loans and credit reports
  • Debt
  • Recovery plan
  • When paying is difficult
  • Golden rules for consumers
  • The hard sell
  • Right to complain
  • Investment basics
  • Superannuation
  • Tenancy
  • Home Ownership
  • Family violence

What is MoneyMinded Online? 

MoneyMinded Online is made up of a series of eight interactive activities that are designed to improve your money management skills.

You can complete any of the activities at any time and at no cost to you. You don’t need to be an ANZ customer and ANZ will not promote their products or services. MoneyMinded Online is regularly used in blended learning by community partners to support their face-to-face delivery.

Topics covered by MoneyMinded Online include: 

  • Activity 1: Know yourself
  • Activity 2: Spend wisely
  • Activity 3: Clarify your goal
  • Activity 4: Create a budget
  • Activity 5: Bank smart
  • Activity 6: Avoid dangerous debt
  • Activity 7: Watch out for credit cards
  • Activity 8: Superannuation

Who developed MoneyMinded?

MoneyMinded was developed by ANZ in 2002 in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and Training, Financial Counselling Australia, the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW, The Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and community sector representatives.

Where and who delivers MoneyMinded?

MoneyMinded is delivered in partnership with community organisations and other selected partner organisations in Australia, New Zealand, and 13 countries across Asia and the Pacific.

How do I become a MoneyMinded Coach?

MoneyMinded Coach training and materials are offered by ANZ at no cost to professionals or volunteers working in community services or financial counselling. Conditions apply. Please contact us at MoneyMinded@anz.com. for more information.

Saver Plus program

MoneyMinded is also used within our Saver Plus matched savings program. To find out more visit Saver Plus or contact the Saver Plus National Office saverplus@bsl.org.au.

For more information on program reach and outcomes please visit www.anz.com/moneyminded.

MoneyMindedTM is a registered trade mark of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.